The Pro Team 360 is the playbook for your future business.

Our framework will help you define the life you want as the CEO of your company. You will learn the strategies used in big corporate organisations. This program is designed specifically for small business owners wanting to scale by hiring a team, creating back end processes and procedures as well as operational excellence. 

Time to feel, act and lead like a CEO.

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You should be proud of how far you have come. 

You have developed a service or product and seen great success. But you know what! “What got you here, will not get you there.”

How do you expect to scale past 6 figures without leading, hiring, measuring or strategising over your next best step? 

Welcome to the Pro Team 360.

Ready for your life to change?




What will you learn in this program

Are you ready to do the work! 
We are not here to talk fluff and instagram vanity. This is all about shifting your mindset to a CEO level and being the leader you see in the mirror. 

Time to learn from me. A corporate leader and business strategist empowering founders and CEO’s to believe in themselves and their transformation. I have executed these strategies for Global Corporations, but why should they have all the good stuff. You are here for it too!

Hey business bestie. Meet your coach and confidante.

We are both here to level up, streamline your business journey and scale a team and operations that will elevate your business. Being a CEO is so much more than creating a product, mailing list or group coaching program. To really lead you need to strategise, diversify and believe in yourself. 

This program is the missing piece.

but guess what...

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The Pro Team 360


A 16 week high touch program focused on building your CEO leadership strength, hiring the right expertise and implementing the operational procedures that will take you to the next level. 

Align your leadership to your most authentic self. We will build your Wellness plan and leadership assessment to help you decide on the type of leader that you are and need to be. You will create your mindset and support structure because you are heading for the BIG time and need the foundations right. No more running on empty and stepping all over your own needs. 

Hover above to see the landscape, time to take a birds eye view of your operations. Where are you in your business right now! Where are your skills gaps, what do you measure and what do you need to implement in your next 6 months operational plan?

Knowing where you spend your time, invest money and what you enjoy will inform the next stage. Who and why do you need that new resource and which investments are stripping you of income that you cannot afford. This will be the foundation of your roadmap. Strap yourself in… this is gonna be the best ride ever. 

Here's What You'll Learn

Aligned Leadership

Operational Benchmarking

Module ONe

Module tw0

Doing things because you think it is right, is so old school and inefficient. Decisions need to be driven by data and metrics. Here is where you create your operational dashboard and your TOP 3 performance metrics. You will soon see how this drills down into the detail of your company to get you tracking the right things and making decisions based on numbers not emotion with a direct impact on your bottom line and revenue generation activities.

Module four

Now you know who you need, you will be able to implement industry strategies to make sure you look for the right skills, have a robust and reliable recruitment process that you can use again and again. Let’s take the #confusion out of the scoping, interview, selection and onboarding process. Once you have this unicorn in your business and start to see your organisational structure come to life, then it is all about creating an environment where you all can thrive and your culture will blossom. 

Your next Hero Hire!

Module Three

What we will cover… as you elevate and create your 6 month operational plan. 

Performance to Profit

Create the life that you want. Want a short notice vacation, then get it booked?

Time to see...

Have your business running like clock work while you sleep. 



the results you're going to get:

Only do the things that bring you joy. Time to delegate, eliminate or automate everything else. 


Build a brand, empire and legacy to be proud of. 


Level up and do what you keep talking about. Lead from the front and don't look back.


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Success will not come tomorrow,
unless you start today!....

So let's get started!

Whether one or many, you need the right structure and people working with you to get you to the next stage. Together we will look at the skills that will make the most difference and how to integrate those resources. We will not leave it there, the important part is making sure we manage, measure and reward the performance to get the optimum out of your investment. 

Your 'A' team

Your CEO Masterplan will cover all your operational decisions required for the next season of your business. We will strip back and rebuild the systems, metrics, people and process changes that need to happen to get you scaling to 6 figures and beyond. We will keep you in motion, I will show you the leader you need to be. 

A strategic Operational Plan

With a leadership career in global organisations. I understand how to move your business forward, how to reduce the stress and delegate effectively. Help you to be the CEO and not your version of the “Wizard of Oz”… (behind the curtain trying to make magic). I will teach you how to lead, influence and communicate with your team and customer. 

I have done it before

What you need is...

I'm Mandy, a Startup & Leadership Consultant.

My passion is business and my expertise will help you grow your leadership, team and company culture. I partner with scale up businesses to help them operationalise, scale and accelerate growth. Let's use my 25 year corporate experience to drive your success.

hey there!

This program includes everything you need to smash your business goals.

If you are looking for a partner in business and a roadmap to help you demystify the struggles and confusion… then I want to see you on the inside. Your 6 figure business is within reach, trust the process, do the work and start to implement. This is not about cookie cutter frameworks, but about creating the perfect roadmap for your business.

This      for you if:

You have big ambitions and are ready to scale.   

You are not ready to do the work.

You see the potential of strategic change and operations.

Have your own roadmap and are committed to that.

You know you have the vision, but need the step by step plan.

It's probably       for you if...

Investing in yourself is not a neccsity.



It's probably
for you if...

If this is you… then come on, I am keeping my eye out for your application. 

You are the CEO of a coaching, consulting, or service-based online business. 

Your company has a defined product or service that has been sold as a repeatable offering.

You believe in self-awareness and team-awareness.

You understand that the people side of your business will constantly evolve.

You understand the level of self leadership, motivation and change that is required. 

You are ready to invest in yourself and business. 
Sound like you are a good fit. Then let’s get to work. 


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