Judge at the Growing Business Awards 2022

Mandy has over 20 years’ experience as a Corporate Technology leader as well as being the CEO and Founder of Mandy Tucker Consulting and the “Startup Culture Code” framework helping founders and entrepreneurs scale using corporate strategies and insights. She speaks on leadership techniques, operational strength as well as Culture enablement based on Wellbeing and […]

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Emotionally burned out? Here is how to recover as a business owner.

As you build your business and high performing team it is easy to lose sight of your vision, strategic direction and wellbeing. The feeling of burnout and ongoing stress is easy to ignore but not as easy to recover from. 69% of leaders are under intense pressure because of the ongoing Covid-19 implications and financial […]

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How to make your new culture STICK!

I once worked in a company where the company culture was like a revolving door. Turn up one month and we were driving collaboration and the next it was some other industry trend that we just must try! My advice, if you are going to see the evolution and embedding of your culture over time […]

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Hey there Founder, wanna know why we need each other?

Hey there FOUNDER, glad to have you, your vision, and BIG business dreams here rocking with me. Welcome to the first edition of my newsletter where I will share my opinions, learnings and industry thought leadership on the Start Up leadership space and more importantly how together, we will create teams and corporate cultures of […]

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How to be an empathetic founder when your empathy radar is off!

The startup mentality and focus does not always have the time, patience or clarity to empathise in a way that supports the wellbeing, and emotional evolution of the workforce. The contradiction of moving fast, scaling up whilst being focused on how the team is “feeling is not always easy to achieve or a lens that […]

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How to use Culture as a recruitment strategy during The Great Resignation!

There comes a time when you have to let go…. when you know the late nights and email addiction is no longer serving you or your business. If you have had your light bulb moment and know it is time to hire your admin assistant or first CFO it may not be as easy as […]

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Hire Your Hero Video Class

If you are growing your team, recruiting your first VA and need the hiring playbook, then this is for you. Take the pressure out of your recruiting process.